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      Vorkath Launch Date 29.04.2018   04/27/2018

      Launching our new client, Vorkath, New Achievements - New way to remain that bank building and for those of you who wish to make some quick dollars from a fresh start.


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    • New forums is up! Server is in the process of changing names to Salvation-PS. The new forums is located at "". MAKE SURE YOU TYPE FORUMS AND NOT FORUM OR YOU WILL BE ON THE WRONG FORUMS PAGE. Registration is required to log in, forums accounts from reversenex did not transfer over.
    • Agility is a fairly self explanatory skill, however there are a few great rewards and perks at your disposal here on ReverseNex.   To get started, click on the agility skill in the skill tab to access your teleports:
        Gnome Course: You will do the Gnome Agility Course from levels 1-35. Each completion of this course awards 2 Agility Tokens. Barbarian Outpost Course: Complete this course from levels 35-55. You may continue this course until level 99 if you are opposed to going into the wilderness for the final course. Each completion of the Barabarian Outpost Course awards 4 Agility Tokens. Wilderness Agility Course: Located in level 52 wilderness. This will be the final agility course used from levels 55-99. Completion of this course awards 6 Agility Tokens.   Risks: After level 35, you have a chance to fail during the rope swing obstacle, resulting in losing 5hp. At the bottom of the pit are level 86 skeletons that ARE aggressive, so run up the ladder immediately. Especially if you are a low level. During the Wilderness Agility Course you are also at risk for the stray pker. Seeing as most people don't carry a lot to the wilderness agility course, you should be fine. bring food just incase. There is a portal at the start of the course that takes you back to Edgeville.   Rewards: Everybodies favorite part, the rewards. To view the Agility Shop speak to "Cap'n Izzy No-Beard" who is located at all three agility courses.   7680 Experience Points - 1 Agility Token Agile Top - 60 Agility Tokens Agile Legs - 60 Agility Tokens Lumberjack Hat - 20 Agility Tokens Lumberjack Top - 20 Agility Tokens Lumberjack Legs - 20 Agility Tokens Lumberjack Boots - 20 Agility Tokens Inferno Adze - 100 Agility Tokens Rewards I personally recommend are the full Lumberjack set as well as the Inferno Adze, due to the lumberjack set's bonus to woodcutting experience and the inferno adze's chance to burn logs while woodcutting. This will allow Woodcutting and Firemaking to go hand in hand and save you time in the long run. Thank you for reading and hopefully this helps!
    • Hi y'all! I'm glad to be apart of this server. I have been playing for a few hours now and I see great potential! I hope to see a ton of you in-game! feel free to add me and let's chat and help this server grow!
    • Im really exciting for new coming soon updates  <3 good work  
    • Hey all the name is Ali but you can call me Mist. I am currently finishing my masters degree in Psychology, and in a GAP year I thought why not bring back some nostalgia and blow some steam back in a quality rsps. I am a pretty chill guy who likes to spend time with a community whether its bossing/skilling or just talking well i look forward to meeting everyone  ingame.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Mist
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