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      Launching our new client, Vorkath, New Achievements - New way to remain that bank building and for those of you who wish to make some quick dollars from a fresh start.


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    Essentially, the ideal is to not allow brand new players the opportunity to get the same gear as most of the people who have been on for a long time. You'd have to receive certain Items / Mobs killed in order to move forward to the higher end bosses (Revs, God Wars, ect.. ) Donors of course would probably get a slight increase drop rate for items to allow fairness. But they would be given the opportunity to pick between a few items to increase drop chances higher!? This is something I've been thinking about to help fix the eco at this point in time. In stead of trying to make it where you are having to reset eco all the time. I would like a Yes or No Poll from you guys [reason why you say your answer]
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    This is a fantastic application Zyrk, Thankyou for your time and effort! Definitely going to keep you in mind mate, once we get a few more players on and get the old reversenex firing up, i would feel honoured to give you a shot mate. Kind Regards, Dylan.
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    >>disclaimer<< This is more of a information topic than an actual guide, however it seemed fitting for it to go here, instead of General Discussions This information section will be updated as I continue to play Ironman in ReverseNex All information discovered not posted here are welcome, and will be added from the comments section below. >>end<< Maybe this is your first Ironman or Hardcore Ironman or maybe you want to test your prowess on another server. Well, before you start, take a look at what you can and can't do and a few ends and outs of the Ironman life in ReverseNex. Hardcore Ironman and Ironman Players for information purposes please read the following information: As you start ReverseNex you'll see that you get a pretty decent start unlike most private servers, or the famous Runescape itself, naturally. You'll of course want to use what you have here to your advantage and make your way to rock crabs, until you get a comfortable level for slayer. To make things easier, here are a few things you can do to get yourself ahead of the game: Donate Yes, you can donate as an Ironman/HCIM and it actually WORKS! If you're like me, you've never seen this in another RSPS and it makes your journey much easier if you so please. Of course, should you choose to get your full HCIM/Ironman experience and scratch and claw for everything, not donating does not take away from your experience! Should you choose to, getting the twisted bow for about 10$ or buying a few mystery boxes for a lucky chance at Dragon Claws and other items is an amazing plus. Trading As a Ironman or HCIM you cannot trade. This is in all versions of the game, and there is no work around for this. On top of such, you cannot even trade to other Ironmen, so make sure this is what you wish to do. However, in recent events I've discovered that you can drop trade from your Ironman/HCIM to a non-ironman player or other players. In addition, while you cannot pick up loot from other players, they can pick up your loot. So be careful! Making GP To make GP as an ironman you will be strictly trading to NPCs. Be aware that all NPC tradeoffs are at 15% minus their regular value, so you will be missing out on quite a bit than other players who trade or sell on the market. Which brings me to my next point: No Trading on the Market! You as an ironman cannot trade on the market. This is a given as an ironman is supposed to fully work for everything they own, minus Donating in this case. Death If you die as an Ironman you do not lose your gear, and you are also NOT demoted (HCIM to Ironman) nor is your account deleted. You will respawn with all of your items still in your inventory ready to fight another day. >>>So far this is all the information I have gathered on the Ironman accounts, there are, so far, no experience increases/decreases, increased drop rates or anything of the like. All of these are subject to change with input from the developers and in such case this thread will be updated accordingly<<< See you in-game Deangelo IGN: Deangelo
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    SUGGESTION LIST * This list may include previously stated suggestions by other players so disregard if that's the case. * This list will cater mostly to the perspective of new players to enhance the experience as to try and retain more players. More fixes instead of content creation. Change the default starting items received when creating a new account. - Players are constantly searching for new and unique, and as such, providing them with the same generic starting items already places the server on the back foot. - Possible options to fix: Remove all low levelled armour as they are useless Provide players with unique/custom under-powered items that are equivalent to level 1-60 weaponry/armour etc. Perhaps add a couple crystal keys/caskets to entice players to keep playing to achieve more of these items. Replace/Revamp Dead Content Bosses and Mini-games. - There are various bosses and mini-games that are dead content. Replacing or revamping bosses and mini-games specifically to cater for the low-mid level player so they can make their transition to high level bossing will only benefit the server. - Possible options to fix: Add drops such as crystal keys, x amount of caskets, rare chance of x amount of coins etc. to low level bosses to motivate newer players to grind them out and increase their bank Unique custom drops from minigames. If possible, the addition of custom or unique weaponry/armour from low levelled minigames will increase activity in said minigame Make lower tiered P2W items available through mini-games or boss drops. - Items such as Overloads, Godbows etc. should be added to F2P drop tables as to counteract P2W. Rare items such as phats and santas can also be added as mega-rare items from minigames. I believe adding items like those into the F2P market will only help benefit the economy (if you up the sell price of rares to the general store people will sell creating more cash flow and taking items out of game). Ironing out the details - Large content updates are needed to keep the game alive, however the small details are what really makes a RSPS thrive. Polishing small aspects will impress newcomers and could be the difference between them staying or logging out after 10 minutes. Working vote sites, smooth combat animations, balanced weapon/armour stats, etc. SMALLER SUGGESTIONS & FIXES - Increase some item prices when selling to store (eg. pvp armour, rares) to create more cash flow into the game - Make caskets stack in inventory - At Zulrah you cannot loot your items on the ground whilst attacking - Rare glitch at Zulrah where sometimes 2 will spawn (Unsure of cause, will try investigate more) - Improve voting rewards - Instead of 1m coins increase to 5-10m, increase 30% bonus exp to 50% - Combine Donator Store 1 and 2, no need to have 2 separate stores with 5 items each - Add more options to the online donate shop. Options such as potions, crystal keys, caskets, cosmetic rares (No OP combat items) - More detailed description of scrolls in the online shop. Eg, Donator points received, benefits of each, rank received - More things at donator zones! (totally not biased) - More quests
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    Nice suggestions, A few things I'd like to point out just in case some of the other players don't know, You can get overloads in game from the Thieving Chest in the Skilling Area @ Rogues Castle. However it only drops a chance for a 1 dose overload, but you can use it on other overloads to move over the dose. The suggestion for the Godbows being implemented for f2p would also be nice, as the NPC that drops it is currently only available for Donators. A suggestion I would have for the starter armor would be to add in a weaker Chaotic weapon version that isn't tradable, but is equipable at lvl 1 attack that has the same bonus as a Rune/Dragon Scimitar?
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    Cool updates. Do the players that have completed the achievements already, still receive the item rewards?
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    Dig near the duel arena teleport - Minigames teleports > Duel Arena Dig where you might see crawling hands - Click slayer skill > Select slayer tower Dig somewhere near ::CW - Use ::CW Dig somewhere near ::home2/Edgville bank - Use ::home2 Dig somwhere near varrock square - Use a varrock tele tab from "explorer jack" shops at ::home Dig near the fourth minigame teleport - Minigames teleports > Pest control Dig where you might see a fisherman - Click the fishing skill Dig somewhere in the mining guild - Click the smithing skill Dig where you might see chickens - Training teleports > Chicken pen Dig near the king of dragons - Boss teleports > King Black Dragon Dig near one of the slayer masters - Click the slayer skill > Select vannaka as your slayer master > Teleport to slayer master Dig near the dungeoneering teleport - Click dungeoneering skill Dig in the cave of the giant bird - Boss teleports > Phoenix Dig near the centre of barrows - Minigames teleports > barrows > dig on the centre down to the tomb, go back up the stairs and dig where you land