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  1. Hey Fam, I've been blessed to say that I've been part of one of the most energetic and loving family here. Like all good things, they must come to an end for the time being. As most of you know, I currently serve in the U.S Navy. So it'll be that time where I head out to deployment for a few months come back and then head back out for a few more months. So which means, I'll be looking for my replacement as one of the few the proud Admin ranks Few things in which this process will take place. I'll be looking for the following; Game Time, Time spent in the community, Time spent on the Forums, Discord involvement, Personality, Engagement with the staff / players, work ethic, and how dedicated you are to make better change. This is the format I'll be expecting, no exceptions. When it comes to 'About yourself', I'll be asking you in game as-well, when I come talk to you, I'll be looking for something. IGN: Age: Time Played: About yourself: What makes you different: Hobbies: In-Game Knowledge: Anyways, good luck to you all! I'll be looking to stop looking at applications on the 22nd of this month (Sunday). Also, note: These will also decided by @Dylan
  2. Essentially, the ideal is to not allow brand new players the opportunity to get the same gear as most of the people who have been on for a long time. You'd have to receive certain Items / Mobs killed in order to move forward to the higher end bosses (Revs, God Wars, ect.. ) Donors of course would probably get a slight increase drop rate for items to allow fairness. But they would be given the opportunity to pick between a few items to increase drop chances higher!? This is something I've been thinking about to help fix the eco at this point in time. In stead of trying to make it where you are having to reset eco all the time. I would like a Yes or No Poll from you guys [reason why you say your answer]
  3. Alright Folks, Some things need to discuss with you. In some events that I've brought up, I've been pushing forward to get a possible re-opening the Wilderness and allowing people to kill each-other for their awesome gear and some killer loot from the shop. That and the sheer pleasure of killing that top dog! Yes, I know there area few problems in regards to the killing of players and possible crashing, or the fact that you don't get points as of right now for killing others. That's something we as a community to come together to work on. We need the feedback that you all give us. If there isn't much information, then what can we get done? Hence, positive feed back to either the Team or my-self. Also, I have been discussing the idea of allowing you guys to be able to show off your houses / creative ideas / trophies you get from PvM'ing and killing players.. Like those good ol' days of being either invited to a house party or some random events that bring everyone together for the sheer fun / excitement. I know for me, that going to someone's home and seeing they have dung or fight box, I would always be open to go kill whoever the top dog was. In addition, we all know how there are event's that happen throughout the world right now, like shooting star or evil tree. But as easter just swooped by. Would you like to see the world events (ie. Easter, Christmas, Halloween). Or you know the Random Npc's that show up out of no where? Along with, Voting guys... I know we've been beating the dead horse with this. But in-order for things to progress more and get a bigger community. It's spreading the word with everyone. Share it on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter, whatever the case may be. Bringing in players who show the same love that you have is an important roll for everyone. I'll start by making challenges to you all if we can push forward and share this to everyone and their grandma These are all Ideas that have been coming up with. But need your serious feedback. I love each and every single one of you guys, let's build this family up.. <3 - King On Top Of The Mountain ( Black Ice ) Sheer Cold!
  4. Well hello one and all... Assume I should introduce myself for those who don't already know. My IGN is well of course Pk Black Ice. Currently 22 years old, and serving as an Active Duty Sailor in the USN (United States Navy). Currently Stationed in Japan serving my time. My love for games and working out is outrageous. My goal is to make your guy's experience as enjoyable as possible. If you ever see me in Game when I'm on my weird times, don't be afraid of saying hello. Pretty open guy as it is. Rain Death Upon Those Who Deserve It! -Ice
  5. Overall, I would say that these ideas are a good thing to keep in mind. The way to actually implement them would be interesting to say the least. But to fully say that these ideas would work, is another thing. KoTH I've seen that before, it can be a bit buggy. The scrolls for exp is not bad idea, the only thing I would say is that we already have something in the works that is along that line of similarity (Vote Scrolls). There is an option for that when you click on it. Though adding gold onto it wouldn't be a bad thing. Say that they increase your chances for a casket or a higher end clue scrolls once those are implemented.. The pvp/exp zone sounds a-lot like a DeadMan Mode from OSRS right now, which I would actually love to see later on..... All your ideas are good to keep in mind, they only thing is the actual coding in regards to them. But... we will see!! -Ice 'Strong hunting, sharp minded'