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      Launching our new client, Vorkath, New Achievements - New way to remain that bank building and for those of you who wish to make some quick dollars from a fresh start.


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  1. Winner is StarFire, Please PM me and we can organise a way for you to receive your scroll. Failure to not receive it within 2 days, and the Scroll will go to Cody.
  2. Welcome Shaw, Hope to see you on the server
  3. Nice guide so far, Looking forward to see what it'll look like when you hit max
  4. To show gratitude to the hardwork of the Devs and Dylan, I'll be giving away a $10 scroll courtesy of ::donate. Simply post using the following format to join: IGN: What is good about the server: What can be improved: Contest ends May 4. Good luck!
  5. Buying any Fashion Scape Items - Dragon staff, penguin staff, black Armour (g) pieces, Zamorak armour pieces, black (h) kiteshields. Buying with gold, can trade for items as well if in bulk. Looking for 1-3m a piece. PM 'Shen' or 'Tryndamere' in game if you're selling/trading.
  6. Nice suggestions, A few things I'd like to point out just in case some of the other players don't know, You can get overloads in game from the Thieving Chest in the Skilling Area @ Rogues Castle. However it only drops a chance for a 1 dose overload, but you can use it on other overloads to move over the dose. The suggestion for the Godbows being implemented for f2p would also be nice, as the NPC that drops it is currently only available for Donators. A suggestion I would have for the starter armor would be to add in a weaker Chaotic weapon version that isn't tradable, but is equipable at lvl 1 attack that has the same bonus as a Rune/Dragon Scimitar?
  7. Cool updates. Do the players that have completed the achievements already, still receive the item rewards?
  8. =+= Shen's Farming Guide =+= How to get there: Skilling Tab - Click on Farming Skill Useful Items: Secataurs - Used to cure plants and keep them healthy Watering Can - Required to water the plants Seed Dibber - Used to plant seed on patch/allotment Rake - Used to remove weeds from patch/allotment Magic Secataurs - Equip it to receive 2x the harvest* Best Seeds for Maximum EXP: Allotment - Watermelon Seed - Lvl 47 Flower - White Lily - Lvl 52 Herb - Torstol - Lvl 85 Allotment Seeds - Lvl 1 - Potato Seed Lvl 5 - Onion Seed Lvl 7 - Cabbage Seed Lvl 12 - Tomato Seed Lvl 20 - Sweetcorn Seed Lvl 31 - Strawberry Seed Lvl 47 - Watermelon Seed** Flower Seeds - Lvl 2 - Marigold Seed Lvl 11 - Rosemary Seed Lvl 24 - Nasturtium Seed Lvl 25 - Woad Seed Lvl 26 - Limpwurt Seed Lvl 52 - White Lily Seed Herb Seeds - Lvl 9 - Guam Seed Lvl 14 - Marrentill Seed Lvl 19 - Tarromin Seed Lvl 26 - Harralander Seed Lvl 32 - Ranarr Seed Lvl 38 - Toadflax Seed Lvl 44 - Irit Seed Lvl 50 - Avantoe Seed Lvl 56 - Kwuarm Seed Lvl 62 - Snap Dragon Seed Lvl 67 - Cadantine Seed Lvl 73 - Lantadyme Seed Lvl 79 - Dwarf Weed Seed Lvl 85 - Torstol Seed *Magic Secataurs is obtainable through Crystal Key. **Watermelon seed is not available in Farming Shop. Zulrah has Watermelon seed as a drop. Advice - An efficient way to train Farming is to also do another time consuming Skill such as Agility, Fishing, Mining.
  9. yeah heaps more my Side Dude Dylan, It's long and you still haven't read it
  10. Looks nice, I'd suggest 10-15 Trivia points for Mystery Box, and 75-100 for Legendary Mystery Box.
  11. My suggestion is to do the following - Remove large amount of cash drops from Bosses. It essentially inflates prices of a lot of items in game because theres more gold to spend on them thus making Items like Nex Armor go to 1b, even with the richest player only has 200m. Devalues skillers and forces everyone to PvM since you can get any skilling items from caskets and Monster drops. Bosses such as Nex/Corp/Revs should require both Achievements & a set amount of Loyalty Points. It rewards those that are actively playing rather than letting new players get Zuriels/Torva etc with only 1-2h of play time. Make God Wars minions have a drop rate of 1/750 instead of 1/250 of their Bosses Armour. I don't know why Minions should have the same drop rate when they're a lot easier to kill.
  12. Nice, keep up the good work!
  13. Nice guide, Well written. Good Job
  14. Doubling it and trading fire cape for tokkul makes it no different lol. Trading in Fire Cape for tokkul = more tokkul = faster pet Beating Jad for chance of Pet = faster pet
  15. The Dylans have already chosen to double the Tokkul you receive from Jad. So the kills it takes is halved, but still time consuming