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      Launching our new client, Vorkath, New Achievements - New way to remain that bank building and for those of you who wish to make some quick dollars from a fresh start.


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  1. Welcome to my giveaway! Prizes: First place gets a tbow! Second place gets a drygore mace! Third place gets 2 Billion dollars in game cash! How to enter: 1. Go to 2. Subscribe to channel (if you want ;)) 3. Comment your in game name. 4. Just wait till I pick a name! I will post on here when the even will end soon!
  2. What is good about the server: The community has been very pleasant to me at least and how it is not super easy to get rich. Also, active owner and dev is amazing and they are always adding updates. What can be improved: Adding more custom items besides just having a few op weapons, maybe have something better than blowpipe and better armor than trickster.
  3. Will be sad to see you go dude, you were always chill to me and you were one of my only actual friends on the server. I hope life treats you well man.
  4. - IGN : Rekt - Play time : 95 hours - A little suggestion for the server : Maybe more custom items, like armor etc. - A little suggestion for the Staff : Nothing I can think of, maybe more active (other than owner). - What boss do you like the most and how many times have you killed that boss : Skotizo and 84 times.