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My Replacement

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Hey Fam,


I've been blessed to say that I've been part of one of the most energetic and loving family here. Like all good things, they must come to an end for the time being. As most of you know, I currently serve in the U.S Navy. So it'll be that time where I head out to deployment for a few months come back and then head back out for a few more months. So which means, I'll be looking for my replacement as one of the few the proud Admin ranks :)


Few things in which this process will take place. I'll be looking for the following; Game Time, Time spent in the community, Time spent on the Forums, Discord involvement, Personality, Engagement with the staff / players, work ethic, and how dedicated you are to make better change. 


This is the format I'll be expecting, no exceptions. When it comes to 'About yourself', I'll be asking you in game as-well, when I come talk to you, I'll be looking for something.



Time Played:

About yourself:

What makes you different:


In-Game Knowledge: 



Anyways, good luck to you all! I'll be looking to stop looking at applications on the 22nd of this month (Sunday). Also, note: These will also decided by @Dylan

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IGN: Chell

Age: 19

Time Played: 95 hours (as of source change, around 100ish hours before source change)

About yourself:  I work as a part time accountant (getting tf out of that tho for engineering), and love football (sokkah). I also play a lot of fortnite so soz for all the afking. I also am on my computer basically all my spare time unless I'm out with the gf or with the boys. Shout out to ma boi Shen, ily fam.

What makes you different:  I'm from Australia so everything is upside down for me. I also like to think I have gr8 banter and can joke with a lot of people on the server. Sometimes I do get tilted tho (especially after playing fortnite) and it shows but yah usually I'm chilled and dtf, I mean down to earth... I also like to think I get along with most of the staff on the server at the moment, especially both the Dylans. I also report bugs as I find them instead of abusing them (except get nothing for it smh rude)

Hobbies: Football/Sokkah, gr8 banter, rs (although taking a break from osrs), maths (as weird as that is...), you know, I don't know what else. OH AND GIVING SHIT TO SHEN BECAUSE HE'S GOOD AT TAKING IT.

In-Game Knowledge:  I've played this source a lot and know almost everything, probably like 80-90% of the source. One of the main things I don't know is the cost of everything so we need a price guide made by one of the Dylans which will be edited as more items come into the server and stuff like that. I'm still learning new things about the source as I go along.


Vote Chell for President!

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Posted (edited)

IGN~ Chris

AGE~ 20

Time Played~ over 120 hours on this account and my alt plus 70hours on the last source.

About Myself~ I live in Massachusetts work full time as a bakery manager and have a very strong work ethic which makes me a try hard at everything that I do. I never give up and love anything that involves team effort. I am a very social person and love meeting new people and helping out others. My personality is very contagious I'm always upbeat and talkative( even about the most random things) Everything about Runescape or rsps's I find extremely entertaining whether it is the hardcore skill grinding or the constant bossing for the best items. Recently had a surgery so you can always find me on my computer or phone(discord) and message me at any time and I will most likely answer. I love to travel and try to go somewhere new as often as I can.

What Makes Me Different~  I am one of the most trustworthy and honest people you will ever meet. I never lie unless it's to my lady friends ;) and 99% of the time I'm in a great mood. I also will answer any question someone has in the game or out of the game, I never afk so it is either me online actually playing or me not online at all cuz I am doing something but am always one message away on discord.

Hobbies~ Some of my hobbies include basketball, baseball, WOW(world of Warcraft), LOL(league of Legends), going to the gym and playing any game that involves competing or playing as a team with others.

In-Game Knowledge~ I am very knowledgeable in this game especially on this source with anything about the game weather its drops, prices, clue scroll locations, what gear to use at what boss, what the stats are on most of the items, what the best items are in the game, best items to get in all the shops, how to make spirit shields and other items, where the best spot to train or start of is, best skilling/bossing money making methods. any questions that are asked I am 95% guaranteed to answer them.

Dedication~ I am very dedicated to this server donating to help support the developers and other people working so hard to build this server into one of the best(which I believe will happen). I find every bug that I can an make sure I message a staff member or put it on discord. I have a list of suggestions that I end up posting once a month just because they are not immediate fixes they are additions that can wait until everything else is handled. I find myself always helping or answer questions in the help chat especially when it comes to new players, I even give starter packs to some of the people that have stuck around for a few hours just a little something that boosts there spirits and helps them start bossing a little faster. Always toss money in the well( but a ton of people do). I do believe I get along with the staff like crazy, josh, neg , Dylan the founder and don't see much of the other Dylan due to being in different time zones( But I'm sure he would love me <3)

                         Thanks for reading C: and if you have ANY questions feel free to pm me on discord at SuperSnack/Chris

                                                                                                                              Sincerely~ Chris

Edited by Chris

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Posted (edited)

IGN: Zyrk / Zyrk V2

Age: 18

Time Played: Not to long, new to the server in a way

About yourself: I've always been a fan of RSPS. I've helped many throughout my past. To me watching new servers grow is great, Nothing's more satisfying. I love communicating and playing with everyone in any game i come across, Gaming's more fun that way. I'm not much of a talker on a mic. (Don't ask me why because i really don't know). Outside of gaming i work as a designer for buildings/houses 5 days a week. I'm also abit of a perfectionist.

What makes you different: I'm quite a talkative person and will try to communicate with everyone all the time. I find nothing more enjoyable then helping new servers grow. I'm quite a lazy person when it comes to doing small things yet am bothered to do things the long way which is pretty different lol.

Hobbies: I've always enjoyed playing RSPS ever since my friend first introduced me, Maybe when i was around 12 or so. Ever since I've been quite addicted to them. Another hobby is spending money lmao, i can't help it some times. I'm also really into cars, always have been ever since i was little. I currently own a 450hp Turbo 86. I also recently became addicted to wake boarding which came to me as a shock.

In-Game Knowledge:  In terms of ReverseNex i don't currently have a lot but i do intend to learn as i go. I've had a lot of experience throughout the 100's of RSPS I've come across and grinded endlessly. I plan to help make this server great with many ideas and suggestions as i play and help make this server the best it can be!

Not sure what else to write :P


PS. Dylan's a noob :)

Edited by Zyrk

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This is a fantastic application Zyrk, Thankyou for your time and effort!


Definitely going to keep you in mind mate, once we get a few more players on and get the old reversenex firing up, i would feel honoured to give you a shot mate.


Kind Regards, Dylan.

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