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Ironman HCIM Update 02 May 2018

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This is more of a information topic than an actual guide, however it seemed fitting for it to go here, instead of General Discussions

This information section will be updated as I continue to play Ironman in ReverseNex

All information discovered not posted here are welcome, and will be added from the comments section below.


Maybe this is your first Ironman or Hardcore Ironman or maybe you want to test your prowess on another server. Well, before you start, take a look at what you can and can't do and a few ends and outs of the Ironman life in ReverseNex.

Hardcore Ironman and Ironman Players for information purposes please read the following information:

As you start ReverseNex you'll see that you get a pretty decent start unlike most private servers, or the famous Runescape  itself, naturally. You'll of course want to use what you have here to your advantage and make your way to rock crabs, until you get a comfortable level for slayer.

To make things easier, here are a few things you can do to get yourself ahead of the game:

  • Donate

Yes, you can donate as an Ironman/HCIM and it actually WORKS! If you're like me, you've never seen this in another RSPS and it makes your journey much easier if you so please. 

Of course, should you choose to get your full HCIM/Ironman experience and scratch and claw for everything, not donating does not take away from your experience!

Should you choose to, getting the twisted bow for about 10$ or buying a few mystery boxes for a lucky chance at Dragon Claws and other items is an amazing plus.

<<<02 May Update>>>

Be mindful that when donating, while you may access places like ::dzone you will not get most benefits unless a developer assists you with giving rights (::bank and the like). There was an issue with having both HCIM/IM icons work together with the donators icon, however there has been a temporary fix. It does not seem though, that the exp has changed. We will decide whether to increase HCIM/IM exp rates in the future.

  • Trading

As a Ironman or HCIM you cannot  trade. This is in all versions of the game, and there is no work around for this.

On top of such, you cannot even trade to other Ironmen, so make sure this is what you wish to do.

However, in recent events I've discovered that you can drop trade from your Ironman/HCIM to a non-ironman player or other players. 

In addition, while you cannot pick up loot from other players, they can pick up your loot. So be careful!

<<<02 May Update>>>

Also, killing a player at this point does not seem to give you any loot from them whatsoever, and seems to be just from the pleasure of actually pvping. Testing this with my alternative accounts, I did not receive so much as a monkfish when killing them. Please be mindful of this. This is being worked on and will come back to update in the future.

  • Making GP

To make GP as an ironman you will be strictly trading to NPCs. Be aware that all NPC tradeoffs are at 15% minus their regular value, so you will be missing out on quite a bit than other players who trade or sell on the market. Which brings me to my next point:

No Trading on the Market!

You as an ironman cannot trade on the market. This is a given as an ironman is supposed to fully work for everything they own, minus Donating in this case.

  • Death

If you die as an Ironman outside of pvp zone you do not lose your gear, and you are also NOT demoted (HCIM to Ironman) nor is your account deleted. You will respawn with all of your items still in your inventory ready to fight another day.





>>>So far this is all the information I have gathered on the Ironman accounts, there are, so far, no experience increases/decreases, increased drop rates or anything of the like. All of these are subject to change with input from the developers and in such case this thread will be updated accordingly<<<

See you in-game


IGN: Deangelo/A Sexy Puma

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